Introducing Fluffy

Fluffy As A Cat is a disgruntled worker bee who secretly harbours a dream in which the whole world simultaneously realises she is the Earth planet’s only hope for survival. Her superpowers include a naive fearlessness of all things tech related, the ability to turn a jumbly chaos of things into an organised and pretty arrangement of things, and a staunch refusal to admit that there will one day be an occasion where she falls off her motorbike.

Since discovering Facebook, Fluffy has become an ex-blogger, but you can still experience the culinary joy at gut feelings, the gardening joy at A Rake’s Progress and the joy (or otherwise) of spa sex at Reasons You Will Hate Me. She still writes at DAMNdotcom.

Fluffy’s piece Fondant Icing: More Than Meets the Eye first appeared on Facebook.


Fluffy presents: Fondant Icing – More Than Meets the Eye

What a wonderful opportunity for temporary insanity a child’s birthday party throws up for the modern parent. Eleven months of the year I could care less for the making, baking and lunchbox fussing that is supposed to come with child ownership, but a birthday party is SHOWTIME. It’s when you get all your crafty ya yas out because, dammit, people are watching. And if I could make one other parent think for just a second that I enjoy nothing more than making sugar paste effigies of Garfield and sewing up darling little costumes then it’s all been a worthwhile charade.

This year, Isaac (recently 6) decided upon a Transformers party. The theme, IMO, just gives you something to work with for cakes and invitations and is a good cue for presents when parents find themselves standing bewildered in the Kmart toy aisles. So a Transformers cake was planned, and it was at some very early stage of the cake planning that a mental picture of the sort of cake you can only realise with fondant was formed in my mind and nothing could be done to dislodge it.

I’ve been quietly obsessed with fondant cakes since forever. It’s food! But it looks like modelling clay! And you can make anything out of it! Then eat it! You could make a futuristic miniature city out of fondant then go stomping through it like Godzilla, randomly taking a bite out of people and buildings as the mood takes you. Despite visiting the Royal Melbourne Show for years just to see the decorated cakes and having unfettered access to all the relevant retail outlets, I had never actually taken the next step: I had never planned and created a fondant iced cake. It had just never occurred to me.

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