Introducing Nabakov

Nabakov is a man who needs no introduction to many Australian bloggers. He does not keep his own blog, but is renowned as as one of the most stylish and witty commenters around. Able to excoriate the execrable like no other, he is also generous of spirit and charming in his ability to find the joy in life.

I have had the good fortune to meet Nabakov on a couple of occasions, and can confirm that he is able to drink me under the table (a rare talent when I’m in form) and wear a white trouser like few men can. His love of the good things in life extends to food and drink, and I’m very pleased to announce he’ll be educating us all about how a stylish man about town keeps himself fed and impresses the ladies. His first post, Sexy Pink Mashed Potatoes, follows. Unless you’re reading in a feedreader, in which case you’ve probably just finished reading it.