Photoessay: Dunedin Farmers Market

I’m having a break from editioning the first print of my Otakou Press residency in Dunedin and thought I’d share with you foodies the lovely market here. I heard about it from another blogger before I left Australia and made a vow to have breakfast there every Saturday morning to escape from college food. It’s a vow I’ll stick to faithfully! I also wish that I had the facility to cook the occasional meal for myself, because the produce is just so nice. My family are coming over at the end of my residency, so before we start travelling, we’ll stock up on cheeses, fruit and salami, etc to make our own lunches as we tour.

They also have a mobile classroom that teaches a new dish every week. A good idea for the Canberra market!

This was my first course: a fresh hot and enormous dumpling stuffed with roast pork, cabbage and vermicelli noodles.

And this was dessert: a fresh crepe filled with home-made pear and rhubarb jam. Mmmmm…

After that, I was  completely visually and physically satiated, so I went for a big walk and caught this view just before the skies opened and gushed down for the rest of the day.

9 thoughts on “Photoessay: Dunedin Farmers Market

  1. I only ate muttonbird once..but it was for a week on a yacht in the middle of Fiordland, so I had no choice! I just remember it being very greasy. It must be a South Island thing as I never noticed it for sale in Wellington.

    The yams though made me feel very homesick!

  2. Wow, they are good markets! Funky old apples and some awesome sea food. Most of New Zealand is closer to the sea than Canberra I’d say.

    I’m not sure eating mutton bird is a good idea either.

  3. Tasmanian girl sez yuck, mutton bird, yuck yuck yuck, but Sturmer Pippins … OMG I could cry from homesickness. Have not eaten one of those since I was 12, and plucked one from a heritage tree in a Huonville orchard, just as it was about to snow.

    I don’t think I will ever go to New Zealand. I might never leave.

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