The dog’s breakfast

Lucy wrote a beautiful post recently about cooking for her dog. Another way to feed the dog something fancy is to get a new job that, while fabulous, leaves a lot less time and mental energy for cooking. Then the dog gets a bowl of stinking goat shoulder that would have been a curry had you remembered you bought it last week.

Coming soon, posts on “nutritious dinners the kids will love, and in only 15 minutes!” Just as soon as I work out how to do that.


19 thoughts on “The dog’s breakfast

  1. ZOMG, we are so psychically connected! I was thinking of delicious dinners in 15 minutes myself just this week, probably as a result of the shock of going back to school and all.

    My current faves are two minute phos – 500mls of gingery-lemongrassy beef or chicken stock (prepared and frozen ahead of course), matched with sliced chook or beef steak or tofu or omelette, a handful of bok choi or beet greens or cabbage and coriander from the garden and some rice stick. Or take away the stock and serve the mess of protein and veg with fresh rice noodles.

    And chorizo fried up with whatever you have and mixed with a big mess of kale and a tin of white beans or chick peas.

    As for random eating habits, the old “that’s all there is so suck it up” works for me.

  2. Steamed rice + grilled chicken thigh w/ soy/honey glaze and, heres the kicker…peanut butter & Malay fish curry powder sauce-they go ape-shit over it!

    Blended canned fish (salmon, tuna etc) morphed into a pattie with peas, spuds, corn, parsley etc, shallow fried and servesd with a salad and a mayo based sauce-stand back in shock and awe!

    Middle Eastern meatballs (Kofta) with cous cous, yoghurt sauce & a soused vege like cucumber or carrot-they’ll be Hijab wearing converts in no time-er..unless you reside in France.

  3. DSO – As for random eating habits, the old “that’s all there is so suck it up” works for me.

    Don’t worry DSO there is none of that modern substitution type mollycoddling, i am not afraid of their going to bed hungry. tho i do allow open season on the veg as i cut it up before dinner and i hardly ever say no to fruit, so i guess that i am cheating a bit.

  4. current fav is Italian stirfry
    put pasta on, one of those ten – fourteen minute ones, chop and add to a pan or wok in order depending on how much you like to cook each ingredient, onions, garlic, Zucc, fresh corn, mushrooms, bacon, tomato and red capsicum. grate lots of cheese. when pasta is ready add to other ingredients with the cheese, salt and pepper to taste.

    if you are feeling dextrous blanch some broccoli to add as well. Decadent – cream, feta or little boccaccini, sure you can think of your own.

    alternative veg inc – beans, celery, fennel.

  5. Without wishing to be coarse, I can’t help wondering whether you had to clean up that bowl of stinking goat shoulder off the floor a bit later on, slightly transformed.

  6. Homemade coriander & cashew pesto made on the weekend & stuck in fridge, mixed with hot pork sausages chopped into pasta. Yum! We have it most weeks. Vary the pesto, could be basil, could be rocket, with flavours of sausages varied too. Endless mixtures, keeps the troops happy in minutes.

  7. working from home today. very proud of my 12 minute lunch, a bastardised pasta puttanesca (which is an ongoing hilarity in our house) – prosciutto, chopped tomato, garlic, anchovy and capers with spinach at the last minute mixed through fresh pasta. It was all i had in the house and it was gooooood.

  8. Spooky – this is the second time I’ve come across the chorizo / kale (or silverbeet, me) / chickpeas or white beans combo. Never fails in our house. But more than 15 minutes.

    I’m currently fighting a new addiction to packet Mie Goreng inour house. I don’t need to tell youse that it would be a Sometimes food in any case, but when I discovered the Palm Oil on the label, it was banned. But the rotters are buying it with their pocket money! I swear they put crack in it as well!

  9. Pasta variations, portions prepared on Sunday, noodle variations(we’ve just about cracked the stir-fried veg dilemma) .
    What’s the trouble with palm oil, at the eating or production end?

  10. Palm oil is a big problem because rainforests, including habitat for the endangered and really quite lovely orangutans, is being destroyed. There are sustainable producers, but labelling laws in Australia make it really difficult to navigage. So no more McVities biscuits for me 😦 More info –

  11. I inherited a slow cooker on the weekend. My boy said “I think we need a fast cooker”. I think he’s right. Until such time as a nice pressure cooker becomes available though, okonomiyaki is going down very well with the three and a half year old here. File it under “Ways to make kids eat cabbage”.

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