And they’re rounding the bend … or sending Dr Sister Outlaw around one: Midseason Masterchef post

So, nine to go, which means eight eliminations before we find out who is The One. We are getting to know the personalities, and everyone surely has their favourites and their hot tips, and enough good people are gone now to be a bit upset (Jake and Skye, for instance). Last night Matt Preston tweeted that every week of episodes equals 10 days of filming and we are catching up to where the remaining contestants are really at.

While we wait to see who goes home from tonight’s Blue Team (which contains most of my favourites), it seems a good time to reflect on the series thus far. I will present the following observations, for the purpose of discussion and debate. (With the exception of the first point, which is beyond question, OK?)

1. Joanne simply has to go. No one can take any more of her ingratiating manner, which is so incongruous with her tightly pursed lips. Lest anyone think my loathing of her is about appearances, let me make it very clear – she put Carrie in it with the creme brulee even though she contributed to it by making Carrie fix her peaches and she dumped on Jonathan’s leadership. This is where we need a voting mechanism – Australia hates dobbers.

2. I really like Jonathan now, and it seems to me that, after a rough start, the others are fond of him too. Under pressure he’s a good leader, he takes responsibility and if he can survive the emotional strain of one more elimination challenge, he’s a contender. He’s also a fearsomely talented cook and I’d like to read a cookbook he wrote.

3. Aaron really needs to wash his hair and shave because I don’t like thinking about him handling food as he currently appears and I am in no way particular about these things. Also, he should get over himself.

4. I really like Claire, Adam and Marion, but I think that they might be disadvantaged by having faced too few eliminations. Adam and Marion’s immunity may weaken them in the longer term.

5. George really should stop saying beeyouteeful and just say bewdiful, like he really wants to.

6. Last time I posted about Masterchef, I observed a distinct skills deficit, but the skills really have improved. This makes me wonder just how much training they do off camera.

OK, so that’s my two cents’ worth. What do all youse think?


17 thoughts on “And they’re rounding the bend … or sending Dr Sister Outlaw around one: Midseason Masterchef post

  1. I caught an old episode of Food Safari on the weekend. It featured a very young George with hair – but a worrying bald patch developing. He was clearly attached to beeyoutiful even back then, although he slipped when tasting the bewdiful dish he’d prepared.

    If Marion goes tonight, I think we can be confident that she’ll be invited back for another crack at the prize. The same could probably be said for Jonathan, but Claire or Aaron would be dunzo.

    Oh, Joanne! My feelings for her are the same as yours and they spring from the same source. That’s why I was so surprised that she took responsibility for the vegies last night before she could be confident they would be praised. The fact that they weren’t led to – as Zoe tweeted – sucky Joanne, simpering that she’d love to be shown how to improve them. Had her team been on the losing side, it would have been sulky Joanne, I’m sure. I do like the lulz she brings to the show, though. No other team captain so far has taken credit for the lunch prize as she did, announcing that she was “taking [her] team to lunch as Assiette”.

  2. Really, really, really want Jono to win. He has had such a tough comp. compared to Marion and Adam (his only equals in the kitchen – my opinion only, highly subjective). He is so single minded, he will open his restaurant regardless of when he goes in the show.

    I like Marion but even my son says “oh Mum, she is such a goody-goody.”

  3. I like Clare, but I think she is middling? Competent enough to miss out on elimination, and very reliable in the team challenges (except for last night) but rarely good enough to be up there with the best. I suspect she’s flying under the radar and won’t make it. Marion is a goody goody, you are quite right about that Librarygirl. And Injera, I do wonder just how much painful pleasure I am getting out of disliking Joanne?

  4. My favourites are Marion and Aaron. Lordy those two are hot. I don’t mind Marion’s goody-goody-ness as it gives her a touch of the sexy librarian thing and Aaron is just all-round… oh, are we meant to be talking about the food here?

  5. Great post I am definitely on Team Jono and will probably get on the Marion bandwagon towards the end again.

    Hey Injera George with hair I saw a photo of him in this week’s TV Week. He had a thick head of hair.

    Also TV Week had Gary in speedos looking slim, thought he was hot for a sec then looked down at another picture and he was wearing a hypercolour tshirt and bolles. eww

  6. Totally with you on Joanne and Jonathan; he’s not a people pleaser, and it’s taken a while for his determination and focus to be rounded out.

    I like Aaron just how he is, and I totally get the sexy librarian thing too, Lisa!

    Reality Raver’s comment made me nearly lose my morning tea.

  7. Yes, that was a bit shocking Reality Raver!

    Zoe, perhaps it’s that Aaron reminds me too much of a certain person I have recently had cause to eliminate from the Naomi kitchen … Aaron is a great cook though, he’s pretty handy with chillis.

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  9. did get very excited to see another MC post from Chez prgdins. Thank you. too tiredly fucked to comment in any intelligent manner ‘cept to say 1. yes, 2. yes 3. yes! and as for george…all i can say is “alligant!”

  10. I just can’t stomach more than about 15 minutes at a time of this series of Masterchef before I have to leave or turn the channel as George’s yelling just does my head in!

  11. Still not sure who I want to win but was annoyed to see Joanne have a reason for more smugness when she led the team to a win! I have a theory that the producers like joanne because she is such a drama queen but I agree with the sentiments above – she is sulky, sucky and lost any cred she might have had with her dobbing. Jonathan is the big brother I never had. Marion is the kid at the front of the class with her hand in the air because she knows the answer to the questions saying pick me miss, I know the answer miss!!! Aaron is great because he has such attitude rather than just saying what he is meant to. I liked Clare initially but she had wonderful mysterious cool that has now dissipated and she is seeming more ordinary.

  12. D’Arcy has dragged me into Masterchef this time. I avoided it last time (can’t stand commercial tv) but watched the final with him. I have to say that I love Marion and Adam, but the rest I can leave. I’m not conviced about Jonathan. I think he’s more personable now than earlier, but I still don’t like him. I don’t like Aaron either (sleazy)…

    In general I quite like that it’s making people talk about food when they might not otherwise. On the other hand it’s turning people into food wankers. This includes D’Arcy. He’s more interested in the idea of food, but doesn’t necessarily eat more, and is more critical of it (in an obnoxious kind of way).

  13. Oh dear … really good to hear what others think. I agree, Clare seems less interesting these days, and I can see how you would be divided over Aaron.

    Meanwhile, Joanne keeps on keeping on … gah! Enjoyed the Daily Terrorgraph poll that found she was the least popular of all of them. Their verdict was that the likely winner was, of course, Marion, but Adam also rated highly.

    What do folks think about Marion’s background? Daughter of chef, telly journo cum wineseller cum masters student in gastronomy. Does this make her too professional?

  14. I don’t think it makes her too professional!

    Personally I think a few of them could be more into food, i.e. shit-cook Sharnee who seemed to have no idea about anything and then said at the end she wants to be a food writer anyway. (WTF?!) At least Marion and Jonathan seem to have a dedication to food, rather than just showing up and being all like, ‘hey I’m an accountant but I think I might want to work with food so I’ll just be all good looking and get onto Masterchef and see how I go’. FOR EXAMPLE.

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