On the benefits of being a good cook

I’m fasting today in preparation for a colonoscopy tomorrow. Ew, I know. No symptoms, (thanks for asking!) it’s just a preventative measure given my family history.

Anyhow, if you are a really good cook, and all you’re allowed to eat for a day is “clear salty soup”, you can still have a really nice lunch made from your light Chinese stock which you infused with a shiitake, some more chicken and herbs last night.

I just thought I’d share that.


5 thoughts on “On the benefits of being a good cook

  1. Good luck Zoe, do you get watch the video in real time or is an anesthetist going to dispense a sleeping potion?

    thanks for the reminder, i am batching for the next week and a half as Dr Honey has taken the girls across the ditch to see family. time to make stock and curries and other stews and such to freeze for the busy days ahead. otherwise i’d prob eat toasties for the next ten days. not that there is anything wrong with that.

  2. Toasties are great, of course. I quite fancy one right now, but shall instead brew up a lovely cup of peppermint tea.

    Only slightly stabby, but keep forgetting to feed the kids.

  3. Timely for me – my exploration is coming up and i was looking for tasty white stuff- Pho I was thinking- but no experience from scratch

    Anyone got some basic home Pho recipies?

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