Very Pleasant

Remember that little craze of peering into each other’s fridges a while back? Even the fancypants architectural mags are getting into it now:

Among other things, the couple’s refrigerator contains garlic scapes, Meyer lemon preserves, Araucana chicken eggs from Chelsea’s grandfather’s farm, juneberry jam, fresh El Popo tortillas, a ginger beer starter, pickled sour cherries (used in the salad), Tortuga hot sauce, Sriracha, homemade chili relish, and a kombucha mushroom.

(Photo: Matthew Williams; Dwell, March 2010)

Unlike much design and architectural photography, Dwell always features the people who live in the spaces. As my friend Nigel points out, the lighting necessary for the architecture pron angle doesn’t really suit the humans. Fortunately for us all, the brilliant site Unhappy Hipsters takes images from Dwell and other similar mags, and adds a little touch of humanity:

Their relationship was based on preparing absurdly complicated recipes using overpriced ingredients.

(Photo: Matthew Williams; Dwell, March 2010)

Don’t miss the full slideshow of this particular food-nerd Chicago apartment and the full article in Dwell. The owners, Chef Art and Writer/Editor Chelsea have a blog called The Pleasant House.

And here are a few more cookery and kitchen-related Unhappy Hipsters for your amusement:

Sunrise, and still no flame. He didn’t even have to look; he knew his guests had gone home.

(via Unhapy Hipsters, Photo: Darcy Hemley; Dwell, September 2004)

The sad truth was that the divide was rooted in the disappearance of a rare Marimekko maxi dress.

(via Unhappy Hipsters. Photo: Prue Ruscoe; Dwell, March 09)

With the shelves finally ordered by size, function, and smell, he got to work separating the pine needles from the sawdust on the terrace.

(via Unhappy Hipsters, photo: Misha Gravenor, Dwell, May 2007)

15 thoughts on “Very Pleasant

  1. Partly it’s the “house style” but yeah, prozac and an enema might be in order 😉

    There’s another picture of them too, at breakfast.

    Just found a few more kitchens while looking for that one, so I’ll add them in.

  2. That last kitchen annoys me because they have ALL THAT SPACE and they’ve just got a crappy cooking area, those ridiculously unuseable shelves and, also, WHERE IS THE LARDER? Too far from the kitchen, I’m guessing.

    Stupid hipsters. Your stupid kitchen is just as practical as your stupid trousers.

  3. …I apologise for the rage in that last comment. We are thinking of redoing our (horribly, genuinely 70s kitchen) and it enrages me to see a perfectly good kitchen reno opportunity wasted like that.

  4. Unhappy hipsters is certainly addictive. The bottom line must be they have no freewheel so their calf muscles work overtime. From this all else follows.

    “Dwell” magazine also looks addictive. Is there a url?

  5. I’ll only believe that they’re Araucana eggs if they open the carton. Wankers. Looking forward to sending some time on Unhappy Hipsters though…Thanks Z (and I saw you were quoted regarding the kitchen garden)

  6. I fail again – I think the house with the BBQ is gorgeous.
    Kick out the unhappy hipsters, I’d rather go there and be happily unhappy myself!
    I hope you and Gill are having a great time at EDB.

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