Streetsmart in Canberra, and elsewhere

Following a holiday mishap, I am awaiting the return of my cook’s knife. I blame my blogging absence on this, which I have been calling “knife block”. One day I’ll think of something to write (and then actually write it) but in the meantime, you should know about Streetsmart.

They’re a small Australian nonprofit organisation focussing on homelessness. From Monday 9 November until Christmas Eve, they’re asking diners in participating restaurants to make a $2 donation, 100% of which will be used to assist people who really need help – see the grants they made in NSW/ACT after last year’s campaign.

Two Canberra restaurants are participating, Flint Dining Room and Bar in New Acton and Mecca Bah in Manuka. You can find a participating restaurant in your area here. and suggest to your favourite cafes and restaurants that they get involved, too. Don’t forget to leave your tip, too. That would be stingy.

If if doesn’t suit you to do it they way, they suggest other ways to get involved and have an online donation facility. They’re on Facebook and Twitter, and there’s a great deal more info at their site.

How very fucked it would be to not have a safe place to lay your head at night.

4 thoughts on “Streetsmart in Canberra, and elsewhere

  1. Wow. Thanks so much for posting this, I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise! And some excellent Melbourne eating spots on here too. It’s so great when the food community get together to do something like this – in Melbourne a while back as part of the Feed Melbourne campaign, some of our leading chefs ran an amazing soup kitchen at Fed Square when you could buy their restaurant’s soups for a couple of dollars and all money went to the campaign. Hooray for people using their talents with and passion for food to help others, I say!

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