Introducing tor

tor says she hates writing “About Me” paragraphs so I’m certainly not going to ask for another one.

At her blog “Adrift and Awake” she writes on:

Feminist snark, sex, the media and great big helpings of schadenfreude (Woman cannot live off sauerkraut alone, you see). Living the Australian dream in a draughty inner-west apartment (no really, I can hear kookaburras from my living room. In the middle of the city!) Procrastinating with style. Chain-smoking and bad TV indulgence

Her post on the importance of husband-approval units as currency in cookery blog threads is crossposted here.


One thought on “Introducing tor

  1. Tell me more about sauerkraut, though. I saw a big bottle of it yesterday, and was thinking of branching out, but then noticed it had to be all gone within two weeks. Can a person with no prior history of eating pickled cabbage get through a kilo in a fortnight without undue distress?

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