Keith Floyd’s wake

Twitter has brought bad news (thanks @ninjamoeba, we share your pain).

I hereby call on all members of Progressive Dinner Party to pay at least a minute’s silence to the great Keith Floyd, who has passed away quietly at home after what appears to be a series of illnesses, at the fairly young age of 66 (well, that would be young if you were not Keith Floyd).

We will miss you Keith. We adored your alcohol-sodden shows and your irreverence. The last made it possible for all of us, no matter how ordinary or, erm, Australian, to embrace your plummy accent along with the knowledge and passion that went into your food. Good on ya Keith, we’ll miss ya.

Raise your glasses please. Time to share our favourite Keith stories! In fact, just pass me the bottle will you?

floyd and ivana

Image of Keith Floyd and Ivana Trump sourced from “Wives, wine and fame … my recipe for self destruction” by Keith Floyd writing in The Daily Mail


11 thoughts on “Keith Floyd’s wake

  1. For cooking in a continental town square on a camp stove with a very large glass of red, you really can’t go past Floyd!

    All my memories are of the red, and that the trestle tables had white table-cloths. Not sure if my memory is just weirdly fixated though.

  2. I read he was ill and that’s very sad indeed. I think Keith Floyd was the first TV chef I watched regularly. Love how he used to harangue his cameraman. I also remember an episode where he was 3/4 drunk, talking to a very young Rick Stein and continually called him “Nick” Stein, talked over him and generally played up to the camera enormously. Brilliant stuff.

  3. Floyd in Spain was the first TV cooking program I ever watched (the year of the Barcelona Olympics I think) –
    just loved his style and thought him so glamorous, whipping up tapas while imbibing. Vale Keith Floyd.

  4. Yes, one of the first TV chefs I became aware of in the late 1980s. And soon after a friend gave me a copy of his cook book on “English” food which still provides my default recipe for rice pudding.

    There’s a lot to be said about TV chefs: and Keith doing it all in situ under the influence was his trademark. Someone in the USA has written a book about chefs/cooking on the TV – I can’t quite name the book, but I recall being at a book launch in Brooklyn where she spruiked it. TV is the perfect medium for showing technique, but of course it’s not always used in this way.

    It was nice to see someone mention Rick Stein, because he seems to provide the passionate but sober version of Keith, albeit one fixated n fish

  5. I am thinking (glass in hand) of Floyd being, what, eight? and catching fish in the river with his mates, then barbequeing them on pine needles for a more amazing taste… running home for peas and faggots cooked by his mum… eating horse for the first time in France…wearing a velvet jacket long before there were any Prestons… Floyd, I wish we were all brave enough to be as much ourselves as you were you.

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