Introducing Dame Mint Pattie and the Canberra Wineries A2Z Project

Dame Mint Pattie has worked in PR for more than 20 years and consequently is immune to spin, which makes living in Canberra either a constant source of amusement or bloody annoying –

depending on which side of bed she gets out of.

DMP puts her faith in small pleasures: the perfect cheese and pickle sandwich, a glass of good wine, or catching sight of a single shaft of sunlight parting the clouds like the hand of gog god (and sometimes types while she’s tipsy). She appreciates lovingly prepared meals made with painstaking attention to detail… just as long as someone else does the cooking.

Dame Mint Pattie blogs with her partner, our man in Canberra, at Our Notional Capital. She says of the genesis of the series she will be cross-posting here, an A2Z of Canberra Wineries:

We’ve lived in Canberra for a couple of years now but our knowledge of the local grape is shamefully lacking. Having visited one or two wineries in a very haphazard way, and with little to guide us other than the King James Wine Bible, we’ve decided to embark on our own leisurely winery discovery tour.

I should make it clear right upfront, we are not wine obsessives experts. We have no formal training in the art of sniffing, swilling and spitting but we know our preferences (and significant blindspots) reasonably well and also what wines compliment the modest fare that finds it way from our kitchen to the dining room table.

Over the next few months we’ll try to visit all the wineries that are open to the public around the Canberra region and share any worthwhile information in a very rough guide to Canberra wineries A2Z.

There are a huge number of wineries within an hour or so’s drive of Canberra, and I salute their bravery. The first in the series is on the Affleck vineyard. Welcome Dame Mint Pattie!

UPDATED TO ADD: As time has worn on, and glass after glass has been valiantly sniffed and swallowed, Dame Mint Pattie asks on her site:

We’re visiting every cellar door in the Canberra wine region and writing up what we find. The aim is to provide a rough but relaxed guide to Canberra wineries.

However, as a late 20th century philosopher* pointed out, “life moves pretty fast”, and it’s easy to miss stuff. So, if you’ve noticed that things have changed at a winery or we’ve left out something good, please leave a comment or email so we can update the post.


One thought on “Introducing Dame Mint Pattie and the Canberra Wineries A2Z Project

  1. I approve of and salute this noble endeavour. What you are doing is a holy thing.

    King James Wine Bible

    Surely you mean the Necroalcohonomicon?

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