Kirsty Presents: Short and Sweet

Unlike Zoe, I don’t know if I can attribute my lack of participation in blogging lately to my daily use of Twitter. I was a fairly early user of the short message medium that has recently taken the mainstream media by storm, and for at least two of those years I managed to continue to blog with enthusiasm.

I think the source of my exhaustion arises rather from the fact that for much of the university teaching year thus far I’ve been reading and marking 50 blogs per week, all written by students enrolled in subjects to do with new media.  If Twitter is to bear any responsibility for my failure to blog in any substantial way either here, at Sarsaparilla Lite, or at my own blog, then it’s because one of the other pieces of assessment that I’ve spent the semester  drowning in has been the Twitter workshops I’ve co-ordinated in lieu of the usual face-to-face tutorials. All of these pieces of assessment have rendered me barely capable of reading, never mind making a comment on those blogs by people who like to write and engage in discussions for the sake of it.

Anyway, you’re not really interested in my work-a-day woes are you?  It’s all about food here at  the Progressive Dinner Party. And no doubt you’ll be pleased to know that it’s because of food that I bothered to mention Twitter at all in this context.  It’s due to Twitter that I came to know of my most recent food obsession, when one of the people I follow declared that she was going to make 5 minute ice-cream for which she posted a link.

At first, I’ll admit to being a bit disappointed with the recipe, but only because I simply can’t justify having double cream anything given the familial condition of high-cholesterol that I have.  Still, I thought about the idea of 5 minute ice-cream with longing; maybe I could make it just once?  Then, while I was in the supermarket one day, I alighted upon the idea of using yoghurt instead of cream. (It’s only since I’ve gone back to the recipe that I realised this substitution had already been suggested).

Ever since I’ve been combining 1/2 cup of sugar, 2/3 cup of yoghurt, and 250-300g of frozen fruit in a food processor and eating smooth, creamy, sweet, tart and refreshing 5 minute frozen yoghurt.

Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt

So far I’ve made the yoghurt using raspberries and blueberries, and I have a packet of mixed berries in the freezer for  future versions.  I’m also thinking ahead to the mangoes of summer and freezing my own fruit to whip up into this tasty treat.

It’s probably worth mentioning a couple of things that I’ve noticed in the short time I’ve been making this quick dessert. If you want to eat the confection straight away, the crystals of the sugar are still very evident.  I’ve tried to lessen the sugar’s granularity by mixing the yoghurt and sugar together first, then adding the fruit.  It helps to some degree, but it’s probably better just to use the finest sugar you can in the first place.  When I next go shopping, caster sugar will be on the top of my list.  If you can wait, I’ve found that leaving the yoghurt in the freezer overnight removes any hint of the granularity. I generally can’t wait and the only reason I’ve discovered this is because I’m not a total pig (only slightly) and there’s always been some left over for the next day.

I like the softer consistency of the yoghurt when it’s first made, but if you like a firmer yoghurt or icecream then that’s another advantage of waiting overnight before eating it.  It does freeze to a very good firmness, and importantly one that you can still get a spoon through with minimal muscle-power.

The next level of experimentation on my agenda is to try and lessen the sugar content.  I’ve already tried a bit less sugar than 1/2 cup without adversely affecting the consistency of the frozen yoghurt. I’ll see if I can go down to 1/4 cup.  I’m not willing to eliminate the sugar entirely because, between the tartness of the yoghurt and the berries, a bit of sweetness is still required to get that indulgent feeling that comes from having a much needed treat.


4 thoughts on “Kirsty Presents: Short and Sweet

  1. Perhaps using a sweeter fruit will mean you can get away with less sugar? I’m thinking of my organic apple man at the market and his recent range of super-sweet table apples that I can’t eat raw (_too_ sweet)…

  2. we’ve (the little boy and I) have been making the real stuff, but this looks VERY nice indeed – will run it past him and see if it gets the thumbs up!

  3. With a Canadian ice wine or one of those botrytis sugar hits that come in pretentious thin bottles? Or a fist-warmth Calvados? Or a joint the size and shape of a wicketkeeper’s thumb?
    There’s only one way to find out.

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