EVOO is not a dirty word

Twitter has apparently eaten my food blogging. I’m sure I’ll get back into it – there are a million ideas whirling – but the combination of a bit more paid work and the domestic wrangling of two small children keeps getting in the way.

I couldn’t let this pass though. I went to the EPIC Farmers’ Market* yesterday morning intending to get a refill of my Homeleigh Grove Olive Oil. We’re big fans and always have a few tubs of their olives about, particularly the semi-dried for nibbling and the tiny, silky purple-black koronekei, which has a distinct rose aroma and loves a martini like no other olive.

We’d just finished our 4L of their “Lowana’s Paddock” oil, which is deliciously supple and fruity so I fancied their more peppery Homeleigh Grove style for a change. I was having a natter to Peter at the stall, when he said I should try the most recently processed oil, just nine days old. I had thought it was in a dark glass bottle like their other oils, but no the deep green was the oil itself:


Of course I had to come away with a bottle. It’s not cheap at $20 for 500ml but it is AMAZING. Owen was a bit unsure at first – it is so intensely green and smells just like clipped damp grass – but drizzled on some good bread it is a feast. Intensely fresh, pungent withh a slightly bitter aftertaste. Tastes like Summer just as Winter starts to bite.

You can buy the Homeleigh Grove and Lowanna’s Paddock oils and olives at the EPIC and Southside Farmers’ Markets, at Choku Bai Jo and at new fancy locavore store Kitchen Cabinet, in the Old Parliament House. Must get there soon.

(If you’re wondering about that title, perhaps this Australian classic will make it clearer. Then again, perhaps not. Still worth a click.)

PS – Does Farmers’ Market have a apostrophe? Really? Why?


15 thoughts on “EVOO is not a dirty word

  1. I’ll have to have a sticky beak at the locavore store next time I’m in Canberra. Some of these places have a few great things among the expensive stuff. These olives and their oil sound marvellous.

  2. It can get very crowded bells – around 7000 people at each market I hear, which in a town of about 300 000 is very good going.

    Arwen Choku Bai Jo is a locavore store too, and very reasonably priced. I’ll report back when I finally make it to the Kitchen Cabinet, which is run by the respected Ginger Group and looks pretty snazzy,

    aof- me too. When whoever has flogged the three or four hours in my day that seems to have gone missing returns them, I might even write about it πŸ˜‰

  3. It does look tasty, if it was a less sumptuous looking green, Horror Movie might have been appropriate too.

  4. Oooo…it’s good stuff that throat-catching, grassy early pressing. Kinda just needs bread and drops of fresh lemon. VERY jealous. In a good way.

    Twitter: I had to get off almost as soon as I got on. Two reasons: 1) huge amounts of spam began arriving in my email account the millisecond I signed up and 2) I had so little to, you know, say. I seem to need extended periods of time away from the ‘net – more and more, the older I get – and it felt a little like a vortex, sucking me in…nooooooo….

  5. What a lovely colour! When I can be faffed, I get oil from the Broadway Markets in Hackney, east London (http://www.broadwaymarket.co.uk/). If you bring the bottle back, they knock a pound of the price and the regular supermarket stuff just isn’t the same. In winter when it’s really cold, the oil solidifies in the bottle which looks really unattractive but it soon liquifies in the cupboard

  6. Oh yeah, and I can’t decide if it’s farmers market or farmers’ market. One is an adjective and one is genative case, indicating ownership. Grammar nerd…hmmm…

  7. I drizzled the tiniest bit on top of a beautiful, simple jerusalem artichoke soup that Owy made tonight. It was great.

    Emily, the Homeleigh Grove people refill, and have tanks about the place at specialty stores where you can also refill. Unfortunately the big 4L tins aren’t refillable. And grammar nerds are always welcome here πŸ˜‰

  8. One is an adjective and one is genative case, indicating ownership.

    That would be “genitive” case, because it is the market of the farmers*. The word “farmers” isn’t an adjective.

    * unless there’s only one farmer, o’course, in which case it’d be “farmer’s market”.

  9. “Palmolive dishwashing liquid but obviously far tastier”

    Heh. A nutcase former bandmate and housemate of mine was once making a South Indian fish curry and we had no citrus. I advised he just bung in a bit of ship’s lime cordial – “it’s on the shelf above the sink”.

    Not Palmolive, but pretty bad.

  10. The main problem was he’d done everything else perfectly, and we were all pretty drunk, so I didn’t notice until I’d already swallowed half a mouthful.

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