Nigel asks: “Is this the best gelati in the world?”


In sleepy Bermagui – the last unspoilt fishing village on the south coast – for the past six years Francesca and Alberto Cementon have made the most sublime range of gelati we have encountered outside Italy. (We still remember, don’t we, a kind of creamed rice gelato we sampled on the Piazza del Campidoglio, which set an aspiration standard for tradition and innovation). Go out of your way to visit the Bermagui Gelati Clinic – you can see from the snap below that it used to be the Veterinary Clinic, but the professional tone is appropriate. It’s between the Bottle Shop and Mitre 10. Here you will find an extraordinary range of gelato experiences, all freshly made on the premises.

“What’s new today?” “Try the Chilli Chocolate with Lemon”. Or the Kumquat. Or the Cucumber and Yoghurt. Or Red Grape, Plum, Peach, Rockmelon, and many others, all made when the fruit is in season. They are spectacular, as are the standard range of heavy duty Chocolate, Cassata, and more traditional flavours. Our latest treat was to dip into the passionfruit gelato (seen here being teased from the machine by Maestro Alberto) before it had crystallised! It’s a destination experience. And the coffee is the best in town as well, as you would expect…





15 thoughts on “Nigel asks: “Is this the best gelati in the world?”

  1. Yum.

    I must say though, that Francesca would put a man off his dessert. She hardly looks gorgeous and hospitable at all.

  2. Having once worked as a vet’s assistant, I find the concept of using the same space where they used to desex dogs to make icecream rather challenging. Perhaps once I get a taste of that chocolate chilli lemon gelato I might be able to get over it. Buy me some next time you’re down there Nigel! I’ll bring you home a frozen roo tail and we can swap…

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  4. OK I’ll sell everything, buy a refrigerated truck, and start shipping it up to Canberra! And back-load frozen roo tails in the other direction…

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  7. I was there just the other day. My almost two year old was ratty for ice cream and we made her wait till Bermagui (driving past Narooma). It’s a long drive waiting for chocolate ice cream if your almost two. She probably would have been happy with a paddle pop. I couldn’t help myself and had a scoop of the peach gelati, even though I’d just polished off a three course lunch in Moruya. The peach gelati was superb (as was the panna cotta which was the last course from lunch).

  8. Synchronicity! The clinic is indeed a major south coast destination. Get me talking one day about my enthusiasm for Bermagui.. I won’t stop. I want to visit too one day. There is great Friday night vegie dinners w/ music @ The River Rock Cafe. Sculpture on the Edge last weekend was amazing too. We wandered in the dark — post-pub meal — looking at the sculptures with a tiny wind-up torch. Imagine our stunned silence when the torch lit up a pregnant gorilla on a crucifix. Creepy.

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