The Renaissance Kitchen at BibliOdyssey

BiliOdyssey is one of those blogs that makes you think “that’s what the internet is for!” A chap called peacay hunts and gathers historical images of interesting and wonderful things all over the interwebs and presents them for our enjoyment and education. It is one of Australia’s most beautiful blogs.

Today’s post is called “The Renaissance Kitchen” and features illustrations (like this one) from the 1570 Opera di Bartolomeo Scappi, a highly influential work by a wildly famous chef.

from BibliOdyssey

Go and enjoy the images and links to more medieval and renaissance culinary history, and check out too peacay’s flickr stream. Be careful, you can get lost there for hours.

3 thoughts on “The Renaissance Kitchen at BibliOdyssey

  1. yeah at first I thought it was all about playing at doctors as well…
    but now I just want soooo baddddddd…

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