Introducing Pamela Faye

Pamela Faye is a nice girl with a great appetite for the simple pleasures of life. A careless but passionate cook, her culinary specialties tend towards the northern Americas, and she regularly inflicts delights such as pumpkin pie and banana/walnut/maple muffins on those in her immediate orbit. What she lacks in biting wit and gourmet cooking skills she makes up for with lashings of enthusiasm, sincerity and saturated fats.

Pamela Faye also loves a road trip. Her passionate obsession with recording the back-stories of historical films and photographs is the justification for her present journey, which will be taking her from Canberra to Alice Springs, and then off the bitumen and into to the Aboriginal communities of the Ngaanyatjarra Lands in Western Australia.

Inspired by the thought that there may be some as yet undiscovered relationship between digestion and direction, Pamela Faye will be documenting her eating encounters along the way. If a food-frontier exists somewhere to the north-west of the truffle-oiled, baby-rocket fuelled, organic goat-cheesy world of south-eastern Australian gastronomy, she’s determined to find it.

Pamela’s journey begins here.

One thought on “Introducing Pamela Faye

  1. Paul Kelly sang about leaving Melbourne and drinking road house coffee that was the color of the river but not nearly as brown. Sage words from a genius. At Tjukayirla roadhouse a less musical friend offered similarly sage advice about my fly-blown bain-marie meat pie. “You know what’s inside em don’t ya? Arseholes and lips, just ground up arseholes and lips”. Stick to the ham and cheese toasties Pam….

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