Happy new year

Home from holidays a little early, and looky what’s in the garden:

first tomatoes

In other exciting news, the first food blog I fell in love with, Though Small, it is Tasty, has has resurfaced. Go bookmark it and check the archives at the old site to get a feel for what we’re in for.

Looking forward to posting more soon, once I can persuade the children that 9 o’clock is not a reasonable hour to go to bed. A happy and safe new year to all.

12 thoughts on “Happy new year

  1. Thanks Zoe! We’ll see whether I actually manage to update it now – hope so.

    Funnily enough I’d been googling for info about mexican food in Brissie and was reading Kirsty’s awesome post here from a week or so ago just a couple of minutes before you commented on my blog – spooky! (We’re in the middle of cooking soft tacos with duck carnitas for NYE dinner, though at the rate we’re going we may actually be eating them at midnight if not after.)

    Happy new year, here’s to good eating in 2009!

  2. mmm, duck carnitas. Happy new year to you too, Meg. I hope you’re making resolutions about the new blog …

    My food year is off to a good starte with a proper cup of coffee (at home, in my favourite cup, after a while away) and a blt with tomatoes from the garden and home-made mayonnaise.

  3. We, too, have trusses of little red tomatoes hanging like jewellery everywhere.

    It’s become obvious that I bought ALL cherry tomato seedlings by mistake, instead of 6 cherry and 6 other! LOLZ
    Happy new year to you Zoe and the other Progressives.

  4. Happy New Year Zoe! I generally hadn’t thought of 2008 as such a great year, but of course the PDP was born–which changes my whole perspective. All the best to other contributors and readers too, and thanks Meg for the ‘awesome’ : )

  5. Helen, that’s too many cherry tomatoes. Too many. I predict you will give up picking them and end up roasting them on the truss.

    Kirsty – it’s made me very happy too. The chatty and knowledgeable comments threads are a particular joy.

    And Dylwah, love to you, the Doc and the little honey. xx

  6. I can’t believe I just moved out of the house with the ripening tomatoes and embiggening cabbages into the house where we strongly suspect recent applications of roundup.

    But next year, next year we will have the greatest, biggest, ripest tomatoes ever. Possibly.

    Happy new year!

  7. Yep, with some black russians, some oxhearty ones I can’t quite remember and about 14000 volunteer yellow cherry tomatoes – already in plague proportions.

  8. How did the Black Russians go? Think that might be on the agenda for next season chez moi, but only if the yield is good. Novelty alone won’t cut it.

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