Metafoodblogging II

I tidied up the pantry today, and thought you might to see a blurry photo of it:


13 thoughts on “Metafoodblogging II

  1. I’ve been thinking the house move might be a good time to improve the organisation of our cupboards/fridge/pantry.

    Of course, then I remembered that nothing in our house stays on the “right” shelf because if it’s possible to open it or smash it, it has to get moved up higher. So the current “system” might remain in place for a bit longer. Plastic containers on the bottom, glass further up, regardless of content.

  2. Hats off to you and your fine pantry! I’m needing more of these small shelves – mine are all 30cm and 50cm tall so there’s not enough of them.

  3. Tidy! But I’m interested that that space being called a ‘pantry’ – I think of a pantry as a walk-in place, big enough to cool things, store things, keep the broom, a big ragbag. I’d call that a ‘food cupboard’ … is the change of definition because houses have got smaller? It’s interesting that people who love food and kitchens and gardens have to ‘make do’ without real pantries these days… maybe there will be a resurgence of real pantries, incorporated into house designs. Box rooms would be nice too …

  4. Nigella Lawson (at least, as shown on her cooking programs) has a walk in pantry I would just about kill for. Huge.
    My pantry looks exactly like yours, same number of shelves, stacked with many gigantic glass jars (bushells tea, pablo coffee) sourced from op shops. Much prefer this to Tupperware.

  5. Only Pluto in Virgo, aof. I blame my bossy and organised Leo mother 😉 and am happy to admit that I do feel more secure with a well stocked cupboard.

    fluffy, it’s an angle thing – the three lower shelves are about 25 cm and the jars are in fact enormous.

    Dorothy, I lust after a real pantry. I have two friends with proper walk-in jobs, one a serious home cook and the other this lass. The one I covet was from an episode of Grand Designs, the “Lime Kiln” house. Sadly no pictures of the pantry in the slideshow, but I gasped out loud it was so exciting.

  6. The entire lime kiln house is my idea of the perfect home, from the walk in pantry to the beautiful library, the way they used wood on the outside, the green roof, the bit of industrial decay in the backyard… excuse me while I drift off into my own little (design) fantasy land

    FWIW I’m a virgo and my pantry is nowhere near as organised as that.

  7. oh that house was great, but far too massive. We don’t have a pantry of any description here. Stupid ‘modern’ house. We have had to use a bookshelf.

  8. V. v impressed with your beautiful store cupboard. I too have indecent thoughts about walk in pantries… I’d even settle for those new fangled pull out ones

    When we moved in to our flat it came with an old style dresser – glass fronted shelving up top, wooden shelves below plus a couple of narrow drawers in between. I got a major sense of satisfaction from laying down all my spice jars in the drawers – ‘savoury’ on the left ‘sweet’ on the right…. I’m a capricorn, but slightly OCD…

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