Introducing Fluffy

Fluffy As A Cat is a disgruntled worker bee who secretly harbours a dream in which the whole world simultaneously realises she is the Earth planet’s only hope for survival. Her superpowers include a naive fearlessness of all things tech related, the ability to turn a jumbly chaos of things into an organised and pretty arrangement of things, and a staunch refusal to admit that there will one day be an occasion where she falls off her motorbike.

Since discovering Facebook, Fluffy has become an ex-blogger, but you can still experience the culinary joy at gut feelings, the gardening joy at A Rake’s Progress and the joy (or otherwise) of spa sex at Reasons You Will Hate Me. She still writes at DAMNdotcom.

Fluffy’s piece Fondant Icing: More Than Meets the Eye first appeared on Facebook.

3 thoughts on “Introducing Fluffy

  1. Yes, I do wish that Fluffy would contribute more to Gut Feelings, but alas it looks as though you have sequestered her blogging and culinary talents for your own content

    Come back to us fluffy, come back

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