There is no Nobel Prize for Cookery

We’re off camping for a few days, but to honour the award of the Nobel Prize in Economics to Paul Krugman, here’s a link to his views on economics and English food. A taster:

The appreciation of good food is, quite literally, an acquired taste – but because your typical Englishman, circa, say, 1975, had never had a really good meal, he didn’t demand one. And because consumers didn’t demand good food, they didn’t get it. Even then there were surely some people who would have liked better, just not enough to provide a critical mass. And then things changed.

There’s some entertaining discussion of just why some economists think it’s a terrible article here.

Hat tip to Nabakov, soon to be sojourning in the States and no doubt getting up to quite a lot of mischief. I look forward to tales of his repasts and exploits.


3 thoughts on “There is no Nobel Prize for Cookery

  1. I was planning to say something about Jamie’s Ministry of Food/School Dinners and George Orwell and Elizabeth David and Terrence Conran to try but not before I’d read Krugman’s piece in its entirety but there are only 24 hours in a day, so don’t hold your breath

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