Harry presents: Vivid Dream Lasagne

(This post is part three of a series which begins here and continues here.)

(Note: very rich, and you will have really vivid dreams that night.)
(Note 2: I tried this initially as a cannelloni, but stuffing the bastards is too annoying, but if you have OCD it will work fine.)

This recipe emerged from a misguided attempt to make two styles of mushroom-and-nut pasta. Forest-nymphs were involved in the plan, but the pasta making was a complete failure and there was no preying-on-the-earth-children for me. After trialling the salvaged remains I took the best bits of both to make one Ultimate Dish.

White Mushroom and Blue Cheese Lasagne with Pine nuts

(This sounds ooh-la-la and neatly disguises the fact it is a really lazy recipe.)

Roast pine nuts. How many? Not too many. Say, four per person?

Mostly cook a bunch of oyster, shimeji and enoki mushrooms in peanut oil that you have left over from tooling around with Thai recipes (add the enoki last as they are so thin). Do NOT use olive oil as it will ALL GO TO HELL!!!
If no peanut oil, then canola and sunflower should be fine.
Drain the mushrooms.

Make a small amount of tomato sauce to go on top of the lasagne – nothing flash because the filling is so strongly flavoured.

Construct lasagne.
Pasta sheets. Layer of mushies. Sprinkle of pine nuts. Then crumble a good stinky blue cheese over the top.
Second pasta layer.

Normally I get lazy at this point and just top it off with the tomato sauce, but if you feel brave or far from a heart attack add another layer of mushies and cheese.
Sprinkle some normal cheese on top.
Chuck in oven at 180 degrees for fifteen minutes or so, until the pasta is cooked.

Sure, you could have made a bechamel sauce, but life is too short and “careful stirring while adding small amounts of something and not burning it” is for losers.

You can see how this will be totally hedonistically rich and turn you into a bad person if you eat it more than twice in the one year, so serve it with a crisp green salad with avocado in it to keep with the squishy rich vibe.

With these three dishes you are now ready to disrobe any woman of your choice, and double points if she’s actually a man!

No, I don’t know what that means.

Harry’s series concludes here.


20 thoughts on “Harry presents: Vivid Dream Lasagne

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  2. I have been trying to make a deeply satisfying chicken lasagne without a recipe for years, and whilst I have made some rippers, they haven’t been quite as deeply satisfying as the one lurking in my imagination… until last night, when I think I cracked it. I’m really writing this comment as an aide de memoir for when I can write it up, but it also seems slightly on-topic. The magic ingredient of last night’s batch is cannellini beans, which add a satisfying creaminess to the meat sauce. Hold that thought (if you want).

  3. While I am totally in support of food that facilitates disrobing of the desired I think this one requires some gentle research beforehand to be sure that the target does in fact like blue cheese. I mean, I know that mentioning this on a food blog is declasse, but I don’t like the stuff.

    Can’t bear goat’s cheese either …

  4. Dear Dr Sister Outlaw and &duck,

    You have both been demoted to the second-tier of womanhood.
    If the flood comes, you will not be saved.

    etc etc

  5. Well this is about as close as I’m gonna get to eating this at the moment. I’ve been put on a diet of fish oil and psyllium husks. Bah-humbug. It sounds really delicious, Harry.

    Duck and Outlaw, there are some very mild tasting blues which you can slice/mush thinly on crackers. I recommend this as a way of cultivating a love for the blue (which you must), Before long you’ll be craving the stronger flavours. You can curse me when your own doctor recommends adding soluble fibre to your blueberry juice.

  6. nor me

    Kirsty, white castello is about as much as I can take. When I lived in Paris (cue rolled eyes) I used to just about faint at the fromageries. I mean, they looked so appealing with their rows of little ash rolled cheeses and great big wheels of Roquefort but oh lordy, I couldn’t have gone in there, let alone put any of it in my mouth!

  7. (mind you, I was also eight months up the duff so the smell aspects were rather more overwhelming and be blowed if any of my pregnancy books allowed mention of blue cheese, let alone digestion of it)

  8. “I have always been on the second tier of womanhood.”
    # I recall a story you told me of a bath, mud and photography involving mushrooms that, as I recall, weren’t champignons. That definitely put you on the top tier.

    “I like a making challenge.”
    # Like the English language, perhaps?

  9. “Paris (cue rolled eyes)”
    # They are rolled in garlic, parsely and breadcrumbs after being brushed with beaten egg?

    “blue cheese”
    # But is this not the Sacred Blue the French are always going on about?!

  10. Harry – back off from these most excellent and definitely First Tier ladies, or else!

    &Duckie – I’m with Zoe. I too, am deeply suspicious of the chicken lasagne, but then I also can’t stand chicken on pizza. it’s just so wrong. however, The Delightful Nanna(tm) makes the most delicious lentil lasagne I’d never imagined was possible. it involves sherry. it’s fantastic!

  11. Well, this is a great idea.

    It’ll make a change from my Mushroom Lasangne with Mushrooms and Mushrooms, which, while great, lacks a certain everything-except-mushrooms.

    Mushroom hiding trick #2:

    Get dried shi(i?)takes, chuck them in a blender and make a near-powder. Cook them in anythink you like.

  12. and sp34king of mushrooms that aint champignons, the first time I had them, i made them in a thick white sauce like yr mum makes for cauliflower. very bad idea, but we got where we going anyhoo.

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