Know your product

Melbourne Gastronome seems to be outrageously fortunate in the extended family department. My own good luck runs to having a sister-in-law who has a family farm in Bombala. It’s very pretty, but it can get quite rugged –

Here’s the timber of the old shearing shed inside:

and out:


As you can see, we don’t use the freezer for much. Usually just stock, a giant bag of my favourite dried chillies from the Asian Grocery, cold packs and a beast. This is a fat lamb from my sister-in-law’s farm, a whole one, 25 kilos.

We’ve had braised shanks and ridiculously tender and juicy cutlets, and there’s a lot of baggies left in there. I reached in and grabbed one this morning, and when I work out what it is it’ll be dinner for tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Know your product

  1. yaaay pet lamb lucky dip. last time in NZ, The dr and i were high up in Nelson Lakes area, on the edge of national parks and i helped with the slaughtering and butchering of a lamb (poor lamby had been running around with the name goulash). not a process for the faint hearted. i guess the highlight for me was carving slices off the still steaming liver and braising them in butter, absolutly delish. the weirdest bit was having to fight off the european wasps who all wanted a bit of the action.
    alas we too were without the spa action, but there was much fussball.

  2. Ohhhhhh. My dream place. My brother used to have a property “tenants in common” in the State forest near there. The house there was pretty basic, too- wooden hippie shack with pot belly stove, deep in a gully. They had an old cast-iron bathtub in a pretty spot outside with an old copper with which you could heat up water for the bath.

    I miss it. It’s always been my dream to live one day in a place like the one in the picture, but now I’m older unfortunately I’m too aware of all the pitfalls that go with it, so it’ll probably never happen.

  3. We have a cast iron bath outside, Helen, with a hose from the laundry for hot water. Bit cold just yet, but wonderful in Spring and Summer.

    It’s a great deal of work (and petrol) to live somewhere like that – but visiting is great!

  4. You know what sucks? When you open the freezer to find out your ROTTEN TODDLER has TURNED THE GODDAM FREEZER OFF AT THE POWER POINT. That deeply sucks and you may find it hard to be nice to him for a bit.

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