Fishmonger talk

Them? They’re called bayla, love. The Aussies buy ’em for the shell and throw the meat away. The Chinese people bash through the shell to get to the meat.


We were talking about the one in the front at the bottom. I can’t find out anything much about them, other than that it seems to be a gastropod(!) May even have the name wrong – although I made him spell it out for me I didn’t write it down. Anyone ever eaten one?

2 thoughts on “Fishmonger talk

  1. I have (at risk of dominating the recent comments area!).

    They were a bit tough, but the guy had never cooked them before. You can flash-fry slices or long simmer chunks, a bit like large abalone but not quite so sweet and tasty. Really good though.

    You can tell your ‘monger he’s a monger though – it’s ‘bailer’, as in “you can use this to bail out your dinghy at a pinch”.

  2. Aah, that might simplify the searching a bit! I got the feeling that it might be one of those foods where the focus is on the texture rather than the immediate taste.

    And I’m not thrilled with the fishmonger, actually, but unfortunately their range is the freshest and most varied.

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