Lebanese breakfast pizza and other coincidences

Phil Lees writes a terrific blog called The Last Appetite and has just started a world food blog at the SBS television site, cooking from the Food Safari back catalogue. It should be fantastic, as his writing is characterised by great humour and expertise. I have already left a comment asking him to do something about Maeve O’Meara’s shirts, so no need for you to worry about that.


Coincidently I caught the last bit of SBS Food Safari last night, where O’Meara explored Lebanese food. The last item, running quickly over the credits, was a breakfast pizza called manouche. Owen started groaning about how good it looked – and as we’d coincidently had pizza for dinner and there was coincidently some dough left over I told him he was in luck.

There was no recipe at the SBS site, but it wasn’t too hard to work out. (And there are lots of recipes and suggestions at mankoushe.com and no doubt many other places on the web.) Roll out the dough and spread generously with good olive oil and plenty of za’atar. Cook briefly in a very hot oven, and top with sliced tomato and onion, some olives and a handful of freshly picked Italian parsley and mint. Slurp on some more oil and eat. Feel slightly sad about having no pink picked turnip, labneh or feta to put on top.


The final step is to drive your partner to his job on the other side of town while contemplating the silliness of missing buses by faffing around making cooked breakfasts* on a work day when you woke up at 7:30 instead of one of those days (like yesterday) when the one year old decided that he and everyone else might as well get up at 5. It was bloody delicious though, and because the oven was on Owen scored a calzone for lunch too.

* Except porridge, which is always a good idea.

11 thoughts on “Lebanese breakfast pizza and other coincidences

  1. Those are Custo Barcelona unless I’m mistaken. It’s not the shirts themselves that bother me so much as the fact that if you put one of them plus the stripey hair on some other woman you’d not notice the difference.

  2. I disagree. I like colour.

    Methinks it’s a stylist’s decision, and she probably schleps around at home in grey tracksuit ensembles.

  3. Hi Zoe, what a fab site you have here!

    I actually dispise this woman even tho I hear Food Safari is an excellent show. Why O why won’t she eat and drink a couple of bottles of wine during the show like normals chefs. There is something so wrong about someone this skinny being a celebrity chef. Bring back Hewey (all of him) I say!

  4. Oh, I think he’s still around, although in a somewhat reduced form.

    And you know, I really don’t mind Maeve. She’s very knowledgeable if a bit thin for a serious eater/drinker.

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