Real home cooking

I first got the idea for a food blog by posting some cookery related stuff on my personal blog, crazybrave. This is my favourite of those posts, from June 2007.

A word of warning. Some of my best friends are vegan, a choice I respect. This post is not for them, and it and other posts of this ilk will be in the category “Not Safe for Vegans”. Check the category list under the post titles if you’d rather avoid them.)

Under the fold we have chicken four ways:

1. About 4 litres of exceedingly flavourful stock

2. Gyoza-style dumplings with water chestnuts, fresh shiitake mushrooms and ginger (my dumplings looking a lot better these days, I’m glad to say.)

3. Little pies with chicken, leek, field mushroom and allspice. Like the dumplings, they used mince made with the new toy.

4. Cute, tiny rooster in the guise of a hen who is yet to feel the surge of joy that comes with hearty early morning crowing and the wrath which consequently flows from the neighbours. (He’s the one in front. Well, he was.)


7 thoughts on “Real home cooking

  1. love your new site…was reading your blog and wondering where you had got to, now I’m happy to see your absence was for a more than worthy cause! will be checking in regularly.

  2. Yay for raising chickens!

    I think it is a wonderful thing to do, not just for the amazing eggs, but for the perspective it gives on where our food comes from. We have four hens (Roosters are illegal here, alas), and may get another two to our limit of six someday. They really help with teaching our children that food doesn’t just magically appear on store shelves (Or, in the case of the beef we get, in the mail. 😉 )

  3. Thanks, Jess. There are few worthier causes than decent food.

    And you’re right, James, that raising chickens is wonderful for more than the (excellent) eggs. The rooster appears in all four photos …

  4. I want chickens more than anything else in the world. Ever since I was a kid I wanted chooks.

    Sadly, I am of the vegetarian persuasion, but at least Mr Rooster didn’t go to waste…

  5. You eat eggs doncha, Rach? You should get chickens – you don’t need much space and they are such nice little creatures to have around. Just make sure they’re chicks. ( I did that by accident, you know.)

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